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Instructions for the persons concerned in receiving notification about planned chemical treatments:


1. Please register by entering and confirming your mobile phone number.


2. Drawing toolbar which is located in the upper left corner of the map allows you to set a marker on the map - the location of your Object: apiary, place of gathering mushrooms, berries, herbs; place of grazing animals or walking, place of your residence, etc.


3. To set the Object-apiary: in case of information about the Event - planning for the chemical treatment of plants at a distance equal to or less than 10 kilometers, you will get a notification - an E-mail (if you specified it) and SMS-message to your mobile phone.

    For other types of Objects in real time notifications are not sent temporarily.


Instructions for persons who are planning to carry out chemical treatments:


1. Please register by entering and confirming your  mobile phone number.


2. Drawing toolbar which is located in the upper left corner of the map allows you to select an area that is planned to be chemically treated (circle / rectangle / random figure). Specify the date and time of beginning / end of the treatment, type of treatment, the chemical name of the drug, the treated culture, you will create an Event. It is also possible to create a different type of Event: area with blossom honey plants arrays or garden- object - to inform interested beekeepers for the purpose of pollination.


3. When you install your Events, users whose objects-apiaries are located at distance of 10 kilometers will be notified by notifications - messages to E-mail (if you specified it) and SMS-messages to the mobile phone. This limited number of members has an ability to call on your telephone number to clarify details.





Placing of advertisements, abusive, obscene expressions, information that is not related to the site theme are forbidden. In such cases, the user will be sent a letter of warning to the E-mail address and after repetition of such actions User's account will be blocked. Re-registration using the previously mentioned telephone numbers will not be possible.


Using the services of the site is free and is paid by Sponsor of the project. In the menu item "Profile - User account" user is able to pay any amount to be credited to his account. Tariffs for SMS-notification service are available on the company's website Unisender, which sends the SMS-messages. After the end of the funds on the user's account balance upon receiving of the new notifications becomes negative, but the services DO NOT STOP and carried out at the expense of the Sponsor. Updating your user account is welcome, as it allows using the funds of Sponsor primarily to popularize of the project, rather than maintaining its technical performance. Refunds from the user account back to the user is not provided (please do not transfer large amount).


The user who did not enter the site account for 3 years will be blocked until his appeal to the Administrator and the user information will be transferred to the archive.


Administration of the site reserves the right to make changes and improvements in the work of the Monitoring System without notice to Users. All important changes are always specified in description of the Regulations since their introduction.




Event – a conduction of chemical treatment for plants or process of honey plants flowering. Characterized by place (area), start date and end date / time.

For installation on a map you can use the drawing board. 


Types of events:


  type № 1 - "chemical treatment" – an area of chemical treatment. The plot is highlighted in red;


  type № 2 - "blooming of honey plants" - an area of blossoming array of honey plants. The plot is highlighted in



Object - a point on the map, which is determined by the marker setting. Action of the object both can be not limited or restricted in time at the request of the User. For installation on a map use the drawing board.


Types of objects:


  type № 1 - "apiary" - stationary and nomadic apiaries;


  type № 2 - "people" - the place of your residence or location of people;


  type № 3 - "pets" - a place of grazing or walking of animals;


  type № 4 - "mushrooms, herbal plants" - a place of gathering mushrooms, berries, herbal plants;


  type № 5 - "other" - other types of objects;


  type № 6 - "garden" - garden, arrays of other perennial plants;


  type  № 7 - "chemical pollution" - long-term (permanent) place of chemical pollution: a dump, production facilities, etc.


Objects are the centers of the conditional periphery, within which occurs a constantly monitoring of the occurrence of an event or other object areas. At the moment there is a following monitoring:


 The object type №1 (apiary) - monitoring of Event type №1 (chemical treatment).



Hidden Object - The object type № 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, which assigned by the user the status "hidden" is not displayed on the map and is not visible to other guests and users, but it has all the functions of a normal Object. Saves User`s hidden places.

Only user who set this Object can see the information on the map, also setting the filter of hidden objects of a certain type.


Guest - unregistered visitor of the site.


User - registered site visitor.


Administrator - a person who manages the site.


Demo - the mode in which the entered information by guest or user is not retained after exit of this mode and is not visible on the map for another guest / user. It gives the opportunity to practice in the establishment on the map objects and events. It allows you to generate test sending, test alerts to your email and a limited number (3) of test SMS-notifications from the site on phone number.


Bulletin of planned chemical treatments of plants - published newsletter with a list of all current notifications of planned chemical processing plants.


Toggle filters - enables to filter the information displayed on the map.


Create User Init Map - allows you to save the current map view. Displays carried out in the "My map" menu. Number of create maps is not limited. To create and edit use the menu item "My map - Manage maps".


Save search area - function for beekeepers, which determines the current position of the map on the screen (without reference to the User`s placed objects), as the scope of the search Events - blossoming array of honey plants and objects - gardens. The information is displayed in the menu item "User map - Where to put the apiary." By installing the area of search is included a constantly monitoring of new events - blossoming array of honey plants in the specified area with sending the respective notification. You can see the specified scope of the search in menu item "My map - settings of additional parameters" button "Show an area". Re-installing of the new search area deletes the previous one.


Set radius - allows you to find within a certain distance from the specified point, the recommended areas for placement of apiaries (arrays blossoming plants, gardens), or by using a filter, and any other objects and events.



Question (FAQ)



Why in Italy I get SMS-notification signed by the sender "GrandExpert", and my friend from United States gets same notifications from an unknown phone number?


The fact is that in the territories of several countries and certain mobile operators to specify the sender can be used as "alpha-name." Our registered alpha-name is "GrandExpert". But in some cases it is technically impossible to use and then there indicates one of the numbers of mobile operator. It is not affected on the content and delivery time of notifications.



Are there any plans in the future to send notification by other communication channels, such as through Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, messages on social networks?


Yes, it is planned. The number of communication channels will gradually increase.


Can I create a notification about the holding of a chemical treatment or an array of flowering plants honey without access to the Internet and without coming to your site?


At present, such a possibility is not provided. However, in the nearest future is planning the introduction of services to create events by sending an SMS-message on your phone number. In this case, the message will need to be in a certain sequence and with specifying the form of cadastral number of land on which will be created an event and other characteristics.


I would like to register, but it's hard to pick an unused login. What do you advise?


Recommend to use your email address as a login. It will not be repeated and it is difficult to forget.


The Company "N" offers to place its advertisement on your site on a contractual basis.


Policy of the site of Monitoring System does not provide advertising materials. Thank you for the suggestion.


Will be my phone number shared in other ways beside this site?


The phone number you specified during the registration provides to users of this site only in one case - if you are referred to the website for information about the conduct of a chemical processing plant or to notify you about the array of flowering honey plants. The circle of people who see your phone number is limited to a range of 10 km for the chemical treatment, and 50 km for the blossoming of arrays. This is necessary to enable interested Members who will need to contact you for further details.