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We are a non-profit public organization "Grand Expert".  The purpose of our activity is to contribute to reducing the harmful affects of chemicals used by people on environment, people, animals, plants, animal and vegetable products. We don't set ourselves the task of the immediate fight with the use of chemicals in crop production, which, as we understand is unrealistic today, so we hope to find different ways to minimize their harmful effects on the individual. 

   One of the problem we would like to solve is:
   Farmers and other agricultural producers rarely inform people about the time and place when they work their fields with herbicides, pesticides, insecticides and other toxic chemicals.
   This leads to the following facts:

   1) Bees fly to the treated poisoned fields and adjacent areas of wild plants. As a result there is a mass death of bees and contamination of bee products (honey, pollen, Royal Jelly) and unfortunately, nobody can guarantee that they will not get into our food.Instead of getting useful products, we often get harmful and dangerous ones. The death of bee colonies reached alarming proportions. Statistics of this precess is well known and disappointing. Honeybee is well known as the major pollinator in many countries. Yields of many plants depend on the number of bees. The death of bees can be catastrophic. A number of scientiest, including such famous people as Albert Einstein believed that the death of these insects can lead to the death of all mankind because of the lack of food.
   2) People often gather berries, mashrooms and medical plants in the woods and meadows adjacent to the chemically-treated fields. There also can be grazing. Even a small wind can cause partial demolition of chemical to adjacent areas, which leads to their contamination. This is actual especially for treatment of fields using the aircrafts.
   3) Some villages and towns are located very close to the fields treated with chemicals. So houses and yards can get a certain dose of contamination. And it's very dangerous for people to be there. Especially for children, who are often not aware of the danger.

   Therefore, in the case of timely information about the location and timing of the planned chemical treatments, people are able to get ready and minimize the damages:

- beekeepers can move thier apiaries on a safe distance or temporarily close the bees in the hive;
- people won't use potentially dangerous territory for grazing and gathering berries, mashrooms and medical plants;
- temporarily take children away from the potentially dangerous territory.

   The above list of people interested in getting timely information about the time and place of chemical treatments is not exhaustive.
   There's a legislated obligation in many countries for agricultural producers to inform people about chemical treatments via printed media. However, due to the high labour coefficient of providing, costs, inefficiency of such alerts and other reasons, this obligation is rarely been done.
   Today, when computerization and telecommunication technologies have reached such a high level, it's right time to change the principles and ways.

  For more information about the principles working of the International Monitoring System of the chemical plant protection process you can read in the section of the manual "Instructions / regulations". 

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