Stesenko V.

(Стешенко В. В.)

Phones: +380952229555

Director: Стешенко В. В.


Contact details: township of Nyzhnia Duvanka, Svativskyiraion, Luhansk oblast

Short description: Vitalii started to keep bees more than 20 years ago. His beegarden contains 60 colonies of bees. The beekeeper gets approximately 2 or 3 tons of honey annually. Vitalii is a famous queen breeder. He breeds Buckfast queens. The strengths of such bees are:

  • good honey producer;
  • overwinters well;
  • extremely gentle, with low sting instincts;
  • very everlasting.

Nyzhnoduvanska amalgamated territorial community and Svativskyiraionis an ecologically friendly territory, which is situated far from large production enterprises. Such location provides all conditions for gathering of honey and other hive products of good quality, which meet the standards.

Product assortment: acacia, flower, buckwheat, sunflower and herbage honey, pollen, wax and propolis.