Luhansk RSB

(Луганська ОСП)

Address: Lugansk region, Severodonetsk
Phones: +380984942144

Director: Іваненко Олександр Павлович

Non-governmental organization “Luhansk regional society of beekeepers”

Contact details: city of Sievierodonetsk, Luhansk oblast

Brief information:The organization was established in November 2017. The chief of the organization is OleksandrIvanenko. At present, the organization comprises 70 members,who holds 3600 bee families. After massive poisoning of bees in Belovodskyi, Svatovskyi and Milovskyiraionsin summer 2017, the beekeepers of Luhansk region united to protect their legal rights. In nearly a year time, about ten conflicts between beekeepers and agrarians were resolved by the settlement agreement. They were entered into agreements on joint communications with many large traders on the processing of fields with pesticides and on the installation of quality or stationary apiaries. The main objective of the organization's activity is to unite the efforts of interested parties to create favorable conditions for the development of the beekeeping industry in Ukraine as an indispensable factor for the preservation of the environment, as well as to resolve issues related to the implementation of beekeeping products and to increase the supporters of beekeeping.

Also, the main activity of the Organization is the popularization of the beekeeping industry in Lugansk region. In May 2018, a memorandum on cooperation, promotion of the development of the beekeeping industry in the region and legal support of interests of people engaged in beekeeping were signed between the Organization, the Department of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Economic and Investment Activity, the Departmentof Agro-industrial Development, The Main branch for Food safety and consumer protection, the Regional Development Agency, the Association of Agricultural Producers and NGO "Grand Expert".