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#Shape IDStart processing Date / timeEnd of processing Date / timeDrug nameClass (group) of the preparationPlace of processing (coordinates of the center of the processing zone)Area of treatment zone (ha)Treated CultureProcessing TypeThe notification is posted Date / time 
1GE141/25/18, 3:00 AM1/25/18, 6:00 AMЄвро-Лайтнінг Плюс, РК346.832657.N 30.200729.E101.2СОНЯЧНИКground12/23/17, 9:33 AM
2GE151/27/18, 3:00 AM1/27/18, 7:00 AMАльбіт446.869755.N 30.418224.E52.4Гречкаground12/23/17, 9:43 AM