Litvinova O.I.

(ФОП Літвінова О. І.)

Phones: +380953051116

Individual entrepreneur Litvinova Oksana Ihorivna, beegarden “Medovedzherelo”

Сontact details: 10,50-th anniversary of Peremoha sq., town of Svatove, Luhansk oblast, 92603

Instagram: dzerelo

Facebook: medovedzerolo

Profile of the company: Individual entrepreneur Litvinova Oksana Ihorivna, beegarden “Medovedzerelo” is a large manufacturer of honey and hive products. The company is a unique producer of green cosmetics on the basis of honey in Ukraine. The enterprise has a complete production cycle from receiving raw materials to processing into products, appealing to consumers. Also, the company packs the production into hand-made souvenir sets with national colour. 300 colonies of bees are kept in the beegarden.

The company is ready to export its products to different countries of the world. It can be both whole-sale and retail business including packed honey in small containers. The beegarden has all necessary product quality certificates (honey, green cosmetics).

Oksana offers cooperation for investors in the field of automatization of all processes from production to processing.

Product assortment: may honey, sunflower honey, honey with nuts, honey with dried fruits, honey with pollen, honey with curcuma, honey with cinnamon, pollen, health-improving tea (herbal tea), cicatrizing ointment, restorative drink based on dead bees, honey body scrubs, facial masks for pimples and wrinkles, masks for hair loss, lip balsam, hand-made soap, cream soap, anti-cellulite gel, wax candles, souvenir products in national style.