Titarenko Mykola

(Тітаренко М. М.)

Phones: +380953070853
E-mail: titarenconatalia85@ukr.net

Titarenko Mykola

Contact details: township of Stanytsa-Luhanska, Luhansk oblast

Short description: TitarenkoMykola is a head of beekeepers society of Stanychno-Luhanskiiraion in Luhansk oblast. There are more than 3000 colonies of bees in the raion. Annually , gross yield of honey is approximately 90-100 tons. Apiculture has a small-scale type in the raion. There are usually10-20 colonies of bees, seldom 40-50 in the households. Mykola is a participant of many international beekeeping conferences, including Apimondia in Kyiv.

Product assortment:

sorts of honey: prevernal (early bloomers, garden, acacia, tatarian maple), steppe herbage (sage, brucewillis, esparcet, goatweed), buckwheat, sunflower.

types of honey:  centrifugal, honeycomb, flavor, immune (with royal jelly), propolis, with fillers (pollen, bee bread).

hive products: propolis, restorative drinks, ointment, dead bees, bee moth, royal jelly, homogenate of male-bees larva, honey vinegar, wax, honey bevarages.