“Himexelen”, LLC

(ТОВ «Хімекселен» )

Phones: +380645702223
E-mail: office@himexelen.com
Web: http://www.himexelen.com

“Himexelen”, LLC

Contact details: 10 Sylikatna str., city of Sievierodonetsk

Profile of the company: “Himexelen”, LLCis a leader in advanced beekeeping technologies, a producer of polyurethane foam hives (PPU). The change of wooden beehives to beehives from polyurethane foamin creases the efficiency of each farmby 1.5 times, as thanks to the high energy saving properties of bees, they grow 1.5 times faster, and maintenance costs decreas efrom 30 to 60%. Polyurethane foam hives are durable and environmentally friendly. The strength of the partsisvery high - stronger than wood, so that the bees do not bite them, and themiceare absolutely indifferent to the PPU. All components of the hive are interchangeable, easy towash, clean, do not breakup.

Product assortmentHives of polyurethane foam, parts of hives: micronutrients, feeding bowl, cover, body under 300 frames, body under 230 frames, transition bottom, frame under 145 frame, bottom equipped with grid and latch, mortgage board with PPU for 230 cases, mortgage board with PPU for 300 cases, 8-beehive with PPU with universal possibilities of use under bee-packets, nuclei.