“Vsim-med”, LLC


Phones: +380959361986
E-mail: wsim.med@gmail.com

Director: Олександр Вікторович Жаданов

“Vsim-med”, LLC

Contact details: township of Novopskov, Luhansk oblast

Brief information: Zhadan Oleksandr is a director of the company, which was founded in 2017. There are more than 100 hives in Oleksand’r apiary. His business is kicking into high gear. A young beekeeper has quite real plans:

  • increase production of high quality products with further realization in Ukraine and abroad;
  • production of upscale equipment at an affordable prices (hives, frames, components kit);
  • increase of bees amount;
  • breeding of queens;
  • development of bee tourism (sleep in the hives; apitherapy)
  • creation of new honey sorts;
  • processing of hive products;
  • manufacturing of honey beverages, creams, soap, medicine.

Oleksandr is an active participant of fairs.

In August 19, 2018 he took part in honey festival “Slobozhanskiivziatok” in Novopskov amalgamated territorial community and organized fireworks for residents of the amalgamated territorial community.

Product assortment: sunflower, motley grass honey, pollen, honey desserts with nuts.