Priz Vitalij

(Приз Віталій Юрійович)

Address: Lugansk region, smt. Novoaydar, st. Great way, 64
Phones: +380993710031

Director: Приз Віталій Юрійович

Individual entrepreneur PryzVitalii

Contact details: 64, VelykyiShliah, town of Novoaidar, Luhansk oblast

Short description: Vitalii constantly buys honey and bee products, exchanges wax to beeswax foundation, process hive products. The company has its own fixed clients base, which broadens annually. He provides tare for honey suction, returns tare in short time. Also, Vitalii is working on creation of progressive apiary for production of royal jelly, bee bread and pollen.

Product assortment: purchase of honey and hive products, exchange of beewax foundation.