(Глодан Ганна та Сергій)

Phones: +380505268276
E-mail: annaglodan@i.ua

Hlodan Ann and Hlodan Serhii

Contact details: village of Osynovo, Novopskovskiiraion, Luhansk oblast

Brief information: The family began to keep bees 2 years ago. Their apiary contains 10 colonies of bees. They are active participants of exhibitions. 19 August, 2018 Ann and Serhii took part in honey fair “Slobozhanskiivziatok” in Novopskov amalgamated territorial community. 1 September, 2018 the beekeepers took part in honey exhibition in Sievierodonetsk within the boundaries of the festival “Music overcomes walls”.

Product assortment: sunflower, lime, acacia, motley grass honey.