Vyskub Andriy, the apiary «Nectar»

(Вискуб Андрій)

Phones: +380501668055
E-mail: andrejj-vyskub@ukr.net

Vyskub Andriythe apiary «Nectar»

Contact information92100, UkraineTroitsk urban-type settlement, Troitsk district, Luhansk region, (0501668055)emailandrejj-vyskub@ukr.net

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Profile of apiary workVyskub Andriy, the apiary «Nectar» is the producer of honey, products from honey, which have whole cycle of production from getting raw to processing in production, which is attractive for consumers.

There are 70 colonies of bees in the apiary. Andriy is planning to increase number of colonies of bees to 150. Moreover, Andriy selects queen bees of local and steppe breeds.

Assortment of productsmotley grass, sunflower honey, honey with nuts, honey with dried fruits, honey from facelia, cream-honey, another name as white honeyhoney from acacia, alcoholic tincture on basis of dead beesalcoholic tincture on basis of propolisHoney is gathering on ecologic clean apiaryon fields which are covered with honey plantschemicals are not treated.