Bezgubenko V.

(Безгубенко В. В.)

Phones: +380950469130

Bezhubenko Vitalii

Contact details: town of Sievierodonetsk, Luhansk oblast

Short description: BezhubenkoVitalii and his wife Katherine devoted themselves beekeeping 8 years ago. They have got 250 colonies of bees. The apiarist is a member of non-governmental organization “Luhansk regional society of beekeepers”.

Vitalii’s main aims for 3 years are:

  • expansion of bee-garden up to 600 colonies of bees;
  • building of new workshop for honey suction, storage capacities, storage of worker combs, workshop for drying and processing of pollen, bee bread and other hive products;
  • purchase of a car.

Product assortment: Annually the beekeeper gets approximately 10 tons of different kinds of honey (may, motley grass, buckwheat, sunflower), hive honey. Also, Vitalii gathers 100-400 kg of pollen, produces 40-70 kg of clear bee bread, manufactures bee packages, wax, propolis, royal jelly and dead bees. Vitalii offers wholesale or retail trade of honey and hive products.