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ZubatenkoVolodymyr (Apian farm Api-Ai-Dar)

Contact details: township of  Novoaidar, Luhansk oblast

Skype: Vladimir Zybatenko

Site: http//api-ai-dar.com.ua/o-nas.html

Brief information: ZubatenkoVolodymyr is engaged in beekeeping for at least half a century. After he had graduated from the institute, Volodymyr arrived to Novoaidar for work. The first thing he had done there was acquaintance with local beekeepers. In Horbachevtimes he organized the first bee cooperative in the raion. Volodymyr provided cosmonauts with royal jelly.

In 1986, after Chornobyl events, Volodymyr organized treatment of people, affected by Chornobyl disaster with royal jelly with Ministry of health permission.

Product assortment: apiary balsams, royal jelly, pollen, waxworm essence, suppositories with propolis and royal jelly, byproduct of waxworm, honey, dead bees.


Serhii Trufanov

Contact details: township of Novoaidar

Product assortment: royal jelly, apibalsams, comb honey, pollen.