Medova Artil

(«Медова Артіль»)

Phones: +380509004045

Director: Міхєєв Антон Євгенович

Beekeepers association of Luhanshchyna “Medova Artil”

Contact information: city of Sievierodonetsk, Luhansk oblast

Brief information: The organization started its activities in 2017. The chairman of the union is Mikhieiev Anton. Currently, it consists of 97 beekeepers who hold 5891 bee families.

Main aim and goals of the association: joint actions and solving common problems; creation of favorable conditions for the development of beekeeping in the region; introduction of advanced scientific and technical developments, production, commercial and managerial experience; promotion the development of beekeeping industry and increasing production volumes, turning it into a highly efficient and competitive industry.

Product assortmentdifferent kinds of honey and hive products, wooden hives, frames.